Shakti Shiva Academy is a quantum learning portal for discovering your unique essence as an expression of Life’s Essence - and cultivating the art of embodying that in your life and your sexuality.


Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move the entire universe.

This energy or power that animates all of life is the result of the coming together of the masculine and feminine principles:

The unmanifest consciousness (masculine principle) takes manifest form as the power of life (the feminine principle).

Although Shakti is in the first place seen as the feminine principle in Hindu Tantra, her existence and expression is a result of the masculine principle, embodied by Shiva.

Without consciousness, there is no form.

Shakti is sexual energy in its essence; the power that animates life in all its forms.

In Shakti Shiva Academy, there is a significant focus on the exploration of awakened sexual energy as experienced in the human body.

Our inquiry dives all the way into the unconscious levels of our psyche that influence and shape our sexual experience, and reaches up to the cosmic dimensions that open in the subtle realms when sexual energy awakens Kundalini Shakti.


The Shakti Shiva Academy was created as a quantum learning portal into possibility beyond what the conditioned mind expects. Unlike most academies, this one cares deeply about your body and your humanity. It’s meant to give you access to your pure potential and unique essence as an individual - so you can find your wings and fly. At the same time, you get to be part of an open community in ongoing inquiry about how we could embody love more fully.

The Academy is founded on the principles of vulnerability and humanness. Together we walk alongside each other in this discovery, supporting each other through our mutual openness and availability to listen and respond to life. We all take responsibility for our own experiences while holding up a mirror for one another as we traverse the warp and weft of the tapestry of life.



Shakti Malan was a Teacher of Tantra, the practice of awakening to our true nature and embodying what is realized in our daily lives.

Born in South Africa, she taught globally on living what is realized in the beyond in everyday life and finding the pathways of non-dual awakening in our sexuality. Shakti received the transmissions of some of the great Tantric masters of our time who focus on integrating the masculine and feminine/form and formless within.

Her personal journey with cancer opened a quantum awareness of the body’s true nature.

She held a PhD in Social Anthropology, a discipline that unmasks the assumptions through which we interpret the lives of 'others', and invites us to listen to what is said in silences, gestures, subtle movement and organization of space. Her approach to Tantra was influenced by Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and shamanic Tantra, the psychology of the unconscious, and scientific discoveries about the human nervous system and neurochemistry.

Her work was and continues to be inspired by a deep love and and a unique understanding of the sexual body.
Her book Sexual Awakening for Women is available in English, French and Polish.



"As an alchemist of human growth and transformation and dancer of inner worlds, she finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation."


Based in South Africa, Tiffany has been managing The Academy since its inception and working side-by-side with Shakti since she took her work into the online and digital world in 2013.

Other than being responsible for the strategic planning, managing and directing the practicalities and operations of the courses and academy, Tiffany is also a trained facilitator, coach and shamanic family systems constellator. She has a passion for psychological processes and shadow work integration specializing in facilitating deep and insightful inner work dialogues using a practice to access our inner relationship dynamics through reflections in our external relating. She takes a no-nonsense approach in the seeking of radical clarity through honesty and often asking uncomfortable questions.

She is a woman of enormous courage, intellect and beauty and is the mother of two beautiful girls.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email her here.




Rhianne has been walking alongside Shakti managing all in-person workshops and retreats since 2010. Participating quietly in the background, being in Shakti’s flight path has been a great gift in her life and she remains totally in-service to the smooth and efficient organisation of all in person retreats and workshops offered by the Academy and being committed to the co-creation of intimate spaces for vulnerable & embodied sharing.

Rhianne is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical. Her personal explorations have led her into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature. Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment - as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email her here.


You and I walk alongside each other in this discovery, supporting each other through our mutual openness and availability to listen and respond to life.


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